Hi! Check out my favorite flags

I am a ten year old boy that knows and loves flags, it is exciting to learn about flags and who or what they represent or stand for.

My favorite flag

link to flagworld blog: https://flagworld.org/blog/

My Work


I have created a thing called “Flagposting”. how it works:

step one: post a flag to any site thread

ex: facebook

step two: you’re done

any questions?

email equiles@gmail.org

about my portfolio

My portfolio showcases flags n’ stuff.

About Me

flags have been a hobby of mine since the age of 6 1/2. flags are interesting and many people think so too. I like flags, countries of the world, and politics. I have a great life because my family loves and supports me for my love of flags. I’m from Texas and I love flags because (most) of them have a nice, creative, and cool design. I am a 10 year old, please keep comments civilized and mature as I repeat, I am only ten years old, also this is my first website.


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